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Are you Equipped for the Icy Conditions?

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Temperatures have fallen quite a bit in the last few days and there is a Yellow Severe Weather Warning in place for the Aberdeen area.

"A widespread frost is expected across Scotland leading to icy stretches on untreated surfaces through Tuesday evening, night and well into Wednesday morning. Please be aware of the potential for some difficult driving conditions.

A limited snow melt is expected on Tuesday afternoon along with continuing run off from fields which will continue into the night. Also light wintry showers are expected, especially in coastal areas. These factors will combine to leave many surfaces wet. There will be clear periods during Tuesday evening and night across many parts of Scotland although there is some uncertainty in cloud amounts. As a result a widespread frost is expected, locally severe in the north, allowing ice to form on untreated surfaces."
(Met Office Website, 19th January 2016)

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