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Flowers to enjoy and be inspired by

Parkhill Garden Centre carries a colourful selection of Annuals to satisfy the most needy Gardener's soul!

Our plants are happy and healthy and there is such a lot to choose from that after a visit to our covered and outdoor display areas, we defy anyone to leave empty-handed.


Every year we offer a wide array of annuals to suit every taste and need. Annuals fill out borders and containers with colour, texture and variety.


Herbaceous perennials flower every year adding more colour and texture to your borders every Summer and generally die back in the Autumn. However, perennials come in evergreen as well as deciduous varieties and can ensure that there is something of interest all year round.


Soften the look of hard structural elements in your garden with beautiful climbing plants. Fences, walls, arches, pergolas - there are a myriad of locations you can grow a climber. Grow climbers like Clematis through shrubs or small trees to bring added interest to the shrub and provide support for the climber. There are climbers for every season, soil type and condition and there is no shortage of colour choice.

purple flower